Recruitment Guide

Recruiting Agency and Their Importance


Also known as employment agency, it is an organization that acts as an intermediary between the employers and people seeking employment. In countries that have grown or rather developed, the agencies are categorized in publicly funded recruitment agency and the numerous private business that  the role of employment agencies.


The publicly funded agencies at were proposed so as to help decrease the level of unemployment in countries. This type of agencies were adopted in a quicker way since employers weren't looking so much for professionalism.  The multiple private agencies are a bit different from the public ones. This is because the employers had their main focus on professionalism. People who've gone to school and acquired a university certificate had the added advantage.


The recruiting agencies have brought about many reforms that have become beneficial to both the employers and people looking for jobs. The benefits are; 

Specialist Recruitment Agencies will give a recognition to one's expertise. This is for those who did major in different courses. If one studied nursing, engineer or secretarial  course, they will be first priority when sending their application to these recruitment agencies. It's an advantage to them will understand their skills and they won't have a hard time looking for employment.


They agencies are well conversant with the market. When someone is looking for a job, the agencies should be the place to go and get more information. This is good because they give people an understanding of the market and what kind of jobs have vacancies and those that have boosted the country's economy. To gain more knowledge on the importance of Recruitment Agencies, go to


When people send in their applications, the agencies give objective feedback and advice on how you can market yourself.  This could be in the case of people's CVs, they will guide you through how to communicate if called for an interview by certain companies. They add on more knowledge to people.


It is encouraged to ensure all communication is professional and establish a good rapport with the employment agent. This is strongly advised because they have got the top recognised contacts of organizations that one may have interest in. The consultants are always looking for serious people because these agencies are usually funded by the employers of the organization that give employment opportunities.


For people seeking jobs through the recruitment agencies are recommended to know if the agency is a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). This is the only professional body that has been established to represent the whole of the recruitment industry. Click here to get started!